January classes and events

January classes and events

January 9th Manifest Your hearts desire at Body mind and soul Houston

Manifest your heart’s desire….$65.00

I know many of you have done vision boards and manifestation with intentions however not had any results. In this class I will share with you the ways I have learned to manifest through vision boards and intention. So bring your poster boards/ pictures colors and your spirit to class. The saying is true that when you make a movement as a group amazing things happen to show up. Come play and create with us. I would love to share with you all things I learned over the years about vibrational energy.

I am trained as a Joyful living practitioner ™ and a Hearts Desire teacher™ from Sonia Choquette.

January 12th Honoring your childs north star Parctial guidance for supporting the needs of conscious parents and childern at Shop natural living in League city
Janelle Hoyland, a nationally known intuitive teacher and bestselling author will present a parenting course entitled “Honoring Your Child’s North Star: Practical Guidance for Supporting the Needs of Conscious Parents and Children”. This two-hour half course is recommended for parents who are raising conscious children who may also be experiencing attention, learning or behavior challenges. Learn strategies you can implement in your home to help raised grounded and balanced children while honoring their soul. As an extremely psychic and sensitive child she has firsthand knowledge of what kinds of challenges we face in both rolls. She has an extensive understanding of the nature of the soul, generational lineage and family history. She has 3 children of her own from 19 to 4 years old. This class will be offered every Tuesday starting January 12th. Investment $77.00 per class or $300.00 for the package of four.

Classes will be January 12 ,19th Febuary 2nd and 8th 6:00-8:30pm

parents class at Natural Living in League city

goddess_janelles_class_1024x1024January 16th 10:30am-12pm Claim Your Goddess at Body Mind and soul Houston

Have you felt like you have lost your sparkle? Your inner confidence? Are you ready to claim that fierce fiery woman that you are?

Most of the time women begin a spiritual journey, but forget the most valuable part about being a woman. Remember you are creative, passionate and vibrant.

Finding your inner Goddess and celebrating that spiritual alignment is a very important part of being whole.

I will share with you all the steps in becoming comfortable with your Goddess self.

You will learn what stage you are on this journey. Whether you are separated from the Goddess altogether or whether you have embodied her traits too much. Either way, you could be off balance

Learn that Goddess energy attracts to you everything that you desire and it works best when you are on fire!

Friday and Sunday sessions at Body mind and soul! 12-4-15 My book can be purchased through me!

Friday and Sunday sessions at Body mind and soul! 12-4-15 My book can be purchased through me!

If you are feeling stuck or in fear. Reach out sessions in person Friday and Sunday this week only.

The book Chocolate and Diamonds is available for purchase through me $25.00
Janelle Hoyland

March 21st class 2-4pm saturday

March 21st class 2-4pm saturday


Become a fortress of 10 directions of protection Class 2-4pm At Body Mind and Soul $65.00


In this class I will use my natural ability to create and shift your reality by demonstration. I have been blessed to naturally understand all the religions 10 directions of protection shamanic, Buddhism , Hindu, and Christ energies. This class is beyond sage, crystals and prayer when you feel those are not enough for you. What I will teach you will add to those ancient tools of protection , including prayer.

*You will learn to feel the subtle energies negative and positive

*How to be solid

*Intuitively know where you are within you fortress

If you feel called don’t hesitate to sign up its right for you. Due to my intimate way of teaching we only have room for a select few students. I will be offering online Skype teaching or as life happens training to help you implement these powerful tools. AS things come up you will need clarification and training.

Spiritual Bootcamp 2 Living in the flow starts April 11

Spiritual Bootcamp 2 Living in the flow starts April 11

If you thought bootcamp 1 was great here is your chance to connect even more to your team. Level 2 in coming to Body mind and soul April11th for two consecutive weekends Saturday and sundays.

Seduction of Spirit Spiritual Boot camp 2

In this experience you will shift from a concept to a life experience of doing and being. In this course I will help you shape your world to be in alignment with your personal connection to your team. You will become clear and alive with the universe. Through this journey we will cover 5 weeks incorporating the arts, action steps, and no holds barred communion with my team.

  • Laying foundation meditation, movement and setting goals
  • Surprise day
  • What are your fears? Meet and greet your team
  • Ask and you shall receive complete healing communion with Holy Spirit and ascended Masters
  • Expressive Art 

If you are ready a whole world awaits beyond your wildest dreams. As always there will be surprises along the way

*Bonus my gift to you Your Personal Soul Name that was given to you upon Gods creation of you at the first glimmer in the universe.This name is only for you so you can begin to live according to your divine authentic self. It’s your flag in the universe your vibrational code unique for you.